Hospital Sitting

Those dreary days in the hospital won’t have to be so dreary after all. The companionship that you get from A Plus Homecare Agency and Staffing will make your days in confinement less stressful. Our companions and sitters will provide assistance when needed and keep you company while you recover.

We have Hospital Sitters and Companions who can be scheduled to spend the day(s) with you, have conversations, run light errands, help you change clothes and take a bath. We offer the personal assistance that could make a difference in the days that you spend in the four corners of your hospital room.

To know more about services that can be provided by our Hospital Sitters and Companions, please call 919-234-0182 / 919-880-9110. A Plus Homecare Agency and Staffing makes it a goal to customize the care that you get from our team. We look forward to caring for you and your family.